Little Lessons

The Last Little Lesson

A Taste of the Past

Everything is New, There Never was a Normal

Are You Smiling Behind That Mask?

A Single Strawberry

The Limiting Effect of Myths

The One Boat

What We Will Build

Seeking Hope Amidst Fear

What We Do Next

Memorial Day Will Be Different This Year

There’s Nothing Left to Watch – Read a Book

How We See the World

Time to Change the Station

The Unseen Strength of Beauty

Acting With Intent

Do the Right Thing

What To Do Now

Being the Essential You

We All Need Someone to Lean On

Small Joys Become a Lifetime of Happiness

Attitude Magnets

Go Bowling – A Lesson From My Mother

A Trip to Coney Island

Our Shared Identity

The Pessimistic Optimist

What to Discard

New Love, New Hope

Refilling Our Hearts

Your Favorite Little Lessons of 2019

Lessons from 1999 – The Disaster That Didn’t Occur

Seek Out Inspiration

All Life is Memory

Consistent Joy

Being Good and Decent and Kind

When Great is the Enemy of Good

No Medals

Hard Work is Hard Work

Gathering Threads for Our Tapestries

Lunch With Your Hero

Who Are You to Whom?

Finding the Positive

The Loud Silence

Sometimes We Need Silliness

Your Choices, Your Values

What You Think You Know

Fast Pace/Slow Pace

Blending In or Standing Out

Can You Spare A Minute?

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Why This Time is Different

The Answers Within are Found Outside

A Change In Perspective

Don’t Fear the Four-Letter Word

When Mistakes Happen

The Value of Time

Helping Others Is Its Own Reward

Experience Collectors Wanted

Mind over Matter

Dining Alone

The Never-Ending Search

Summer 2019 Reading List – 6 Down, 6 To Go

The Marvels Around Us

Start With an Open Mind

Why Can’t We Be Friends?

What’s Your Plan B?

Growth is Uncomfortable

The Unhappy Earl

Support Your Local Library

What Can I Do About It?

The Third Option

People See Our Actions

Tomorrow May Surprise You

Seek What You Don’t Know

Take Heed of the Quiet Rebel

Create Your "Did-It" List

Accepting Happiness

Service is the Reward

Dream a Little Dream

Old Dog, New Shoes

Honor is a Full Time Commitment

An Expotition to a Memory

Your Favorite Little Lessons of 2018

The Joke I Didn’t Post

Diets for Our Minds

Solo Tasking

Choosing the Right Goal – And It May Change

The Power of Teams

Sharing Your Gifts

You Get What You Expect

Do Something Good Right Now

Choose Wisely

Love Letters

Where Will Our Dreams Take Us?

The People Around You

The Rose’s Thorn

Listen to Your Elders

Share Your Joy

Stay Amazed

We All Need a Break

Growth is Essential

The Slings and Arrows of Life

Create Your Future

It Takes All of Us – Together

Self-Improvement and Self-Acceptance – 2 Sides of the Same Coin

Searching for the Best

Facing the Unknown

Reading List – First Half of 2018

Lifting Others

Three Canes – Three Lessons

Be Kind

The Extraordinary Ordinary Day

It’s Okay to Be Human

Still Learning After All These Years

No Big Wins

It’s Okay to be Happy

Having High Expectations….For Ourselves

Breaking Bread with Strangers

The Opening Act

Removing Our Blinders

Empty Spaces

The Worst Kind of Ignorance

Solve Big Problems While They’re Small

The Glass in Front of You

Eat Your Vegetables – A Lesson from My Mother

A Pause to Plan

Making the Moment Count

Dusty Dreams

You Don’t Know Their Story

Grow Your Group

Seeking Out Criticism

The Work Behind the Work

Your Favorite Little Lessons of 2017

The Best Books of 2017 – A Baker’s Dozen

The Thought Is The Gift

3 Minutes

Make Someone’s Day

Call Your Friend

Where is Home?

The Unintended People of Our Decisions

Patience is a Skill

Memories of Love

The Little Things

Quiet, Yet Powerful Voices

Sincerely Positive

Focus, Not Limits

A Light Needs Darkness to Shine

The Illusion of Control

Leadership Books That I’ve Enjoyed Reading

Two Powerful Words

Problems Don’t Get Easier – Until They’re Solved

When You Can’t See the Road Ahead

Switching Things Up

Everyone Needs Sales Training

A Lot of Hard Work, and a Little Luck

A Good Reason to Run

The Photo Not Taken

Time to Reflect

Finding Balance

Celebrate Small Wins

You Might Be Wrong

Sharing in the Joy of Strangers

Power from Positivity

Don’t Blink

What Are You Passionate About?

Your Time of Day

Jamie’s Parker House Rolls

The Stories of Strangers

Differences of Opinion

The Benefits of a Positive Attitude. Or Did You Get Your Cherry on Top?

Didn’t See That Coming

The Journey Has Only Begun

What Can You Do When Pushed?

You Aren’t Listening Yet

Your Standards for You

Lessons from My Mother: The Dinner Table

Working the Problem

Our Education Has Just Begun

Doing What I Say

Still Learning From the Past

The Power of Our Hearts

What Will You Do Today?

Books By The Baker’s Dozen

Your Favorite Little Lessons of 2016

Yes Virginia, There Is a Connie O’Callahan

Motivating Yourself

The Significance of Our Insignificance

The Great Unknown

Grateful for the Lessons; Even the Difficult Ones

Willing to Learn

Thoughts on Being a Veteran

I Was Never Not Thanked

The Gift of Time

The Risk of Being Judged

Have a Good Laugh….At Yourself

Create Your Own Story

What Do You Want?

That’s My Fault

Tick Tock

Boldness is Risky, Fear is Riskier

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